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Sports is one of the key aspects of ChemSoc. Our sports teams bring our members together to compete in a fun way for the Chem colours. ChemSoc teams are open to players of all genders and abilities as we seek to ensure everyone can join in on the fun.


We entered both a Wednesday and Saturday team in the university five-a-side leagues, which proved to be a fun way of staying fit. The games were often followed by trips to the Dirty Duck (the on-campus pub) to drown sorrows or (more often) to celebrate a well-earned victory. We also organised a friendly between the two teams towards the end of term- let's hope Luke is a better president than goalkeeper :)

Next term and year we are seeking to expand the repertoire of sports our society offers. We are planning a ChemSoc running club, which should be a relaxing way for our members to stay active. Plans for a society netball team are in the offing, whilst we are also committed to organising rock-up sessions for our members to try out new sports. Additionally, if there is enough demand for any particular sport, our Sports Officer is more than happy to start a team.

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