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Many of you will have already experienced our mentoring scheme, whether that be as a mentee, or already as a mentor. But for those of you who are unaware, every year ChemSoc organise a mentoring scheme in which students from second year and above are assigned a group of incoming freshers to help mentor. As a mentor, you will be a friendly face to help ease your mentees through the process of settling into university of life, provide them with advice you wish you knew when you started, and assist them with any questions they may have.

Our mentoring scheme has been very popular in the past, and now you have a chance to give back!


Being a mentor will help enhance plenty of your skills, help expand your network with fellow mentors, and looks great on a CV. To apply, send the completed application form attached to either or by 23:55 on Friday 12th August.

You must also be able to attend an online training session on Monday 5th September.


Please find the application form here


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