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Executive Committee 2024-25

Our exec is voted in directly by ChemSoc members, and is responsible for the smooth running of the society. They perform many different functions and ensure we are upholding the society's constitution, which is always under revision to keep it up-to-date. The exec are always approachable, happy to listen to new ideas on new events we could run, societies we could collaborate with or anything else on your mind.

Getting involved with ChemSoc exec is a great experience as it places you in a decision-making environment which is meaningful whilst always remaining convivial. We will be recruiting Freshers Representatives alongside other roles so keep an eye on our Instagram.

Luke Glasson

President of ChemSoc 2024/2025

Hello, I’m Emily and I’m this year’s ChemSoc President. Last year I was one of the social secs for ChemSoc. I am currently a third-year, on the Chemistry with Medicinal Chemistry course. I hoping to create a great ChemSoc community this year. My main focuses are education and outreach. If you have any questions or queries please contact me!

Charlotte Robb

Vice President 

Hello! My name is Charlotte and I am the Vice president of Warwick ChemSoc. I am in my 3rd year of the Mchem currently. I have previously been the Social secretary for ChemSoc for 2 years, throughout this time I have had so many great memories and made a lot new friends. ChemSoc has become a big part of my university life, hence why I wanted to stay on the exec and help bring the benefits and fun that chemsoc has to offer to even more students. Aside from ChemSoc, I am also a part of Korfball, Mixed Netball and Ice skating society.


Duke Ansah


Hey I’m Duke and I’m the Treasurer of ChemSoc this year. I’m a third year BSc chem student. I really the community vibe and support that I get from ChemSoc and the Chemistry Department. I like sports and I play on the chemistry football team.


Sean Connors


Hi everyone, my name is Sean and I am the Secretary of ChemSoc. I am a Biochemistry student in the 3rd year of my Mbio. I have enjoyed being involved with ChemSoc this year, in both the Socials and ChemCafe, and have made good friends. I particularly enjoyed Chemsoc Karaoke where I dressed up as a donkey. In general Uni life, I play both cricket and korfball where im on their BUCS team and I enjoy the dirty duck pub quiz.



Education Officer




Education Officer



Hi, I'm Matt and I'm a third-year chemistry student, and the new Social Sec of ChemSoc! We'll be having lots of circles and socials this year, so make sure to come along and feel free to bring a friend/flatmate with you. (Follow the ChemSoc Instagram for event details)

Emily Williams

Social Secretary


Matt Clegg

Social Secretary

Ben Cocker

Social Secretary

Hi, I'm Ben, a 4th year chemist and one of this year's social secs. We'll be hosting a range of events throughout the year from bar crawls to poker night and a few circles too (if you don't know what they are yet, come along and find out). Looking forward to seeing lots of new faces this year and making your time at uni something to look back on fondly.


Matt Dingley

Postgraduate Representative

Hello everyone, I’m Matt and I’m the Postgrad Rep for Warwick ChemSoc. I am starting my first year of my PhD soon, having done my MRes and BSc at Warwick. I was Treasurer in 20/21 and Vice-President in 21/22. ChemSoc has had a major impact on my time here, which is why I have stayed so long! As Postgrad Rep, I want to increase engagement with other postgrads and encourage relationships and collaborations between all levels of the Chemistry department through social and academic events.


Hi, I’m Mia and I’m this year’s Publicity Officer for Warwick ChemSoc. I am entering the first year of my joint PhD at Warwick and Monash University, having done my MChem at Warwick. I was the previous Interdisciplinary Officer in 21/22 and have been a member of ChemSoc for over four years now! I was first interested in the society through the fun and welcoming socials as well as the community feeling I got at Monday ChemCafes. I want to increase ChemSoc’s impact and influence through publicity and encourage even more lovely people to join.

Mia Hall

Publicity Officer

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