Executive Committee 2020-21

Caity Nutting

President of ChemSoc 2021/2022

Hi I’m Caity and I’m the president of ChemSoc. I’m currently a second year chemistry student hoping to become a doctor someday. I am from wales and play far too many sports. I wanted to become part of ChemSoc to create a more inclusive community and I aim to spice things up over the next year.

Matt Dingley

Vice President 

Hi, I'm Matt, the current Vice President of ChemSoc. My main responsibility is managing the mentoring scheme we run for freshers, as well as helping with the general operation of the society. I am excited to help make sure that this is a fantastic year for ChemSoc and it's members, and am especially looking forward to being able to run in-person events once again!

Avneet Ramana


Hi, I’m Avneet and I’m a second year chemist. This is my second year on the exec where I was the events officer. Currently, I am the treasurer and my role involves managing the societies finances and gaining sponsorships. This year, I am aiming to improve chemsoc’s links with graduate recruiters. Outside of chemsoc I enjoy playing hockey and reading.


Michelle Chlubek


Hiya I’m Michelle and I’m Chemsoc’s Secretary this year. I facilitate communication between all exec members to ensure projects develop and progress as planned along with managing the day-to-day admin work of the society.
I’m also the society’s Equal Opportunities Officer where my main aim is to ensure that Chemsoc continues to be an inclusive space for all. If you ever have any worries, concerns, or just fancy a quick chat please don’t hesitate to contact me.
Outside of uni, I’m a keen portrait photographer and baker, I make a mean Sunday brunch!

Hi! My name is Callum, and I am one of your two Education Officers. My role is to organise weekly ChemCafé sessions, providing a friendly environment where students can work together and support each other. ChemCafé also hosts events such as lab tours, placement information sessions and (closer to exams) academic drop-in sessions. Keep your eyes and ears peeled for details! One of my other responsibilities is to organise student-led revision classes to support exam preparation. With many helpful tips and tricks, these are a great revision tool! In my free time, I like to cook, draw and play video games. I also love making puns. Although these puns are usually dreadful, I keep hoping that one of them will be funny sooner or later…

Callum Crockford

Education Officer

Ginny Fisher

Education Officer

Hello, my name is Ginny, currently in year 1. I am one of the education officers, and I hope to make ChemCafé a helpful go to location with a friendly environment. I am also hoping to help set up SLCs for the year 1 and year 2, where student lead classes on modules they have already covered to help revise. I enjoy baking and reading in my spare time.


Hello, I’m Emily. I’m one this year’s Social secs. I am in my second year (going into my third year) studying Chemistry and I love it. In my free time I love to socialise with my friends, obviously I haven’t been able to as much this year with Covid! I am excited to also do this with the other members of ChemSoc and have a good time! My aims in ChemSoc is to make sure everyone has a good time!

Emily Williams

Social Secretary

Emily Williams

Social Secretary

Charlotte Robb

Social Secretary

Hey! For those who don't already know me, my name's Charlotte, I am a second year chemist (going in to third year) and also your social secretary for a second year in a row! I love to party, meet new people, and have a good time - which is exactly what I plan on bringing to Chemsoc! 
I ran for social sec again because I had so much fun meeting new people at all the virtual events last year, and now I can't wait to run some in person events once the covid restrictions have eased! We have lots of exciting ideas, so stay tuned and get involved! 

Vanessa Gaensicke

Events Officer

Hello. My name is Vanessa and I’m a second-year MChem student, nestled into the ChemSoc Exec as our Events Officer. My primary focus is in coordinating this year’s iteration of ACORNS (with hope, to be held in-person once again), a relaxed conference tailored to inspire current sixth-form students toward further study of the natural sciences. This event also aims to bridge the gap between the realities of school and university, with lively lecture-style talks delivered in an academic environment and current students on hand to discuss all aspects of daily life on campus! Beyond my degree I uphold a keen interest in environmental sustainability alongside a strong affinity for both rock-climbing and figure skating.

ey! I'm Ethan, I study Biochem and I'm the Ball Organiser on the ChemSoc Exec this year. I'm hoping to coordinate a fantastic Ball for us all, and I hope to see you there! In my spare time I love reading, theatre, travelling and anything to do with animals!

Ethan Martindale

Ball Coordinator

Hi, I’m Mia and I’m the Interdisciplinary Officer for ChemSoc this year. My job is to increase both chemists and non-chemists’ interest in Chemsoc through interdisciplinary events and organising collaborative events with other societies. I also represent Chemsoc in the Warwick Science Media Team. This year I hope to work more closely with the chemistry department to promote interdisciplinary modules to chemists whose interests’ cross departmental boundaries. Outside of Chemsoc and my studies, I am interested in true crime and reading feminist literature. 

Mia Hall

Interdisciplinary Officer