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This year ChemSoc presents our Annual Conference On Research in Natural Sciences (ACORNS), which aims to encourage sixth formers to explore the sciences. We hope to help students decide whether further study in a science would be the path for them by providing the opportunity to experience a series of mini-lectures presented by academics from our very own Warwick University. There will also be the chance to engage and hear from current students and get a snapshot of what life is like at university.
Get in touch with us to find out how to register.

Who organises ACORNS?

ACORNS is run by ChemSoc, and is run entirely by students for the sole benefit of students. Our dedicated events officers lead and organise the event as part of our Outreach programme.

What happens at ACORNS?

The event is made up by two types of talk:

KeynotesThese talks feature content aimed at everyone, they include some truly great science and information about university life! 

Stream specificChoose what flavour of science you’d like to hear from the chemical, biological and physical streams. These talks are given by leading scientists and will showcase just a taste of what their respective fields do.


All the content is aimed at a sixth form level, we hope that this means that the students get a real appreciation of the wonders of science shown in the talks! The content is intended to be somewhat extra-curricular but still link with A-level courses, this means that students could apply what they learn to problems inside the course and even interviews. 

The students will also have ample opportunity to ask volunteers about the admissions process and experiences at university. We also have a keynote devoted to showing what that journey from A level to undergrad is like!

How does ACORNS help students?

The majority of sixth formers will likely have never experienced education in a university environment - which can feel like a huge gap after just finishing school. That is why we have arranged mini-lectures which are designed to give students a feel for the style of university teaching; the content is intended to inspire with a wide ranging topics. Students will be able to see what a University Campus looks like as well as a typical day of a university student. 

Students will get the chance to speak directly with students and professors in a more relaxed environment, and understand what it is really like to be at university. PhD & Masters student presentations are designed to show sixth formers that they do have the potential and chance to achieve in the sciences.

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