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"Run by students and designed to inspire the next generation of scientists"


Our Mission

We are Warwick ChemSoc Outreach, a volunteering programme run by university students and designed to inspire the next generation of scientists. We provide a range of engaging, science-focused activities to help young minds discover their potential and possible future in STEM. Whilst our foundations are rooted in chemistry, we do embrace all science subjects. Our project enables students currently studying at The University of Warwick to volunteer, working with local schools both on campus and in the school setting. We aim to facilitate valuable learning experiences for our volunteers as well as the students we deliver our workshops to.

What We Do

From primary right through to sixth-form, we are able to cater our talents to suit your requirements. We have several convenient programmes ready to demonstrate – from household chemistry to fruit batteries, we think hands-on activities are the best way to understand science and further your knowledge. We have recently introduced a macro science workshop for secondary schools, investigating polymers, electricity, pH and more. This has been very successful so far and we are continually trying to expand our repertoire of secondary school experiments, so we hope to have 3 or 4 new activities we can offer next year.


As well as interactive workshops, we also deliver assembly style demonstrations (mainly to younger students, for safety reasons); our biggest hit is dry ice which captivates young and old alike! We can educate students on the properties of materials; the different states of matter, and the transitions between them. We delve into the nature of carbon dioxide and how its transition between solid and gas is a little different. Through a variety of practical methods, we can generate wonder from creating a smoking volcano to capturing carbon dioxide in bubbles.

Higher Education

With a vast range of expertise on university life, we offer careers and higher education talks for older students, in preparation for UCAS applications and finding employment. If these aren’t for you, we can work together to create a unique project to compliment the curriculum. Usually we aim to supplement the learning of students, encouraging learning through active participation.



We also provide support for the wonderful ACORNS event held at The University of Warwick and aimed at A-level students, so be sure to check that out!

Give Us A Try!

And remember, this is all provided free of charge! Whatever age, we would be more than happy to demonstrate any of our experiments, or any of your own. We are here to inspire students and we don’t mind travelling to you and providing all materials so we can achieve our goal.

Want to get involved?

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