Every Monday 17:00-19:00

Oculus Building


"ChemSoc has always found ways of getting our members to aid in the academic development of other students"


- George Hawker-Bond, ChemSoc President 2015-16

ChemCafé, our flagship student-run event, offers a wide range of sessions offering student support for all years. We offer an informal environment in which to meet new people, seek help with chemistry-related issues, participate in skills workshops, work with coursemates as well as hear both internal & external speakers. Each week, pizza and refreshments are provided free of charge. 

Our flagship Student Led Class scheme was set-up to allow those who’ve already sat the exams to give a few hints and tips to those about to sit them. It is a great way to get to know the ropes of university exams and how to put Chemistry from pen to paper. Student led classes can be invaluable for a student hoping to take their grade to the next level. 

Student Led Classes



Since its birth in the Summer of 2013, our mentoring scheme has provided at least one mentor to all first-year Chemistry students joining us in the Chemistry department.

Mentors provide both academic and pastoral support to new students, even starting before their arrival at Warwick. Our proactive approach to student support gives students the chance to settle in as quickly as possible at Warwick, as well as helping to form friendships between year groups and introduce the friendly ChemSoc ethos from day one.