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Warwick ChemSoc is a diverse society - home to chemists, non-chemists, undergraduates and postgraduates from all walks of life at the University of Warwick. 


Since we were established in 2010, ChemSoc has continued to grow, becoming a vital part of every chemistry student’s university life. Our members attracted by our welcoming reputation, study a variety of different disciplines from physics all the way to politics, and as a result ChemSoc’s subject diversity is ever on the rise.


At its heart, ChemSoc aims to help students interested in chemistry to achieve their full potential. Our families scheme helps first year students settle into life at university whilst the ChemCafe we run allows students to study in a relaxed environment. We organise conferences and academic talks, which help our members connect with industry to have a better sense of what life after uni could bring. ChemSoc outreach, together with our numerous other projects, helps to inspire the next generation of scientists, also giving us a chance to give back to the community. 

Meanwhile our socials and sports teams provide a much-needed break from the daily grind of academia. We run a whole host of both sober and drinking events, in which ChemSoc members come together to have a great time.


ChemSoc has always been about bringing like-minded people together, to learn from each other and have fun. In the past fourteen years, we have grown into one of the largest and most active academic societies at Warwick and there is still much more we can do!

Find out more about all the things we do by clicking on the headers above or read on to hear from our President and view our newsletter.

A word from ChemSoc President Luke Glasson


Read more about our exec here



We will be reintroducing a termly Chemsoc newsletter soon.

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